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Excellent services. Keep it up. Friendly staff.

Ms. Wasana Hansamali Wijenayaka

I received a good service to transfer my degree to Murdoch University with all the
correct details and advices.

Mr. U.H. Beeshma Yoshitha Premarathna

Very friendly and trustworthy service.

Mr. Chethiya Ranaweera

They have helped with everything I had to go through and they were very helpful with

Mr. R. M. Amila Roshan

Compared to other agencies I prefer, Scholar is the best out of best. Special thank
goes to Nayomi for conducting my all documents part on behalf of myself.

Mr. K. A. A. Shamal Rodrigo

Very friendly staff and don’t have any criticism to give.
Service is very good. Communication of the staff is highly appreciative.

Mr. K. M. T. Gamage

The service is awesome and very friendly. The staff are very quick responsible.

Ms. Suwasthiga

Service are provided in very friendly manner and easy to manage all the
activities related do out services.

Ms. Amanda

Excellent service.

Ms. Thiromi Wickramarachchi

Very friendly crew in every aspects. Very helpful and did everything on time.

Mr. S. W. M. Uthpala Vibhoothi Wanninayake

It would be great, if you could maintain the transparency when it comes to the
application . (This is in relation to the incident we faced) But we know you maintain
it very well.
We are really happy about your service very supportive and friendly.

Mr. Ravin Kandalama

Staff are efficient and productive.
Services are good. Worked on time.

Ms. Malthini Sugathapala