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Sri Lankan’s are fortunate in that we have enjoyed free education since 1945. Our leaders at the time, without a doubt in all sincerity believed that having provided an education to every citizen of the country we will be able to alleviate poverty, become a developed country and achieve prosperity. We achieved a very high literacy rate far above our neighbours. Certain social and economic indicators show that we have done well in the region. But on a global scale we are very much in the bottom half in most instances.

Malaysia is a very popular study destination among Sri Lankan students wishing to pursue the higher education overseas and it is also a very popular study destination among global international student community. In the Asian region it has established itself as an education hub. Most Asian parents prefer Malaysia because there is a similarity in cultures where school leavers can experience some degree of independence in a loosely controlled environment before moving in to more liberal but very complex societies of the west for their postgraduate studies.

In Sri Lanka we have a habit of collecting certificates. It is quite common to see for an example engineering students studying professional study programmes in commerce. Sri Lankans believe that having many qualifications will lead to good employment prospects. Rationally thinking does it matter to an employer how many certificates the employee has collected. For an employer what matters most is finding an employee who can do a job of work. In Sri Lanka there is a culture of rote learning.

The Sunday Times on January 30, 2011

Seven Sri Lankan Education Consultants have been officially appointed by the Australian Government's immigration authorities - Department of Immigration & Citizenship - (DIAC) attached to the Australian High Commission (AHC) in Colombo. This is to facilitate hassle free issuance of Student Visas to genuine students to undertake studies in Australia. These appointments as Streamlined Agents have been made considering many criteria that were met by these university representatives over a long period in the business.

Malaysia Education Exhibition 2012, Sri Lanka’s biggest and the only exhibition totally focused on Malaysian Education was concluded on last Sunday 18th March. It was a tremendous success. There were a large no of prospective students and parents who visited the exhibition and expressed their complete satisfaction at being able to meet with many representatives from 14 top end private education providers in Malaysia. All visitors to the exhibition spoke of the exhibition approvingly as they were able to get first hand, reliable and factual information.

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