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Sri Lankan’s are fortunate in that we have enjoyed free education since 1945. Our leaders at the time, without a doubt in all sincerity believed that having provided an education to every citizen of the country we will be able to alleviate poverty, become a developed country and achieve prosperity. We achieved a very high literacy rate far above our neighbours. Certain social and economic indicators show that we have done well in the region. But on a global scale we are very much in the bottom half in most instances.

In Sri Lanka we have a habit of collecting certificates. It is quite common to see for an example engineering students studying professional study programmes in commerce. Sri Lankans believe that having many qualifications will lead to good employment prospects. Rationally thinking does it matter to an employer how many certificates the employee has collected. For an employer what matters most is finding an employee who can do a job of work. In Sri Lanka there is a culture of rote learning.

International Scholar Educational Services celebrates 10 years of service
ISES celebrates 10 years of service

To help students from all walks of life decide on suitable career directions is the business of International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd. (ISES). The 1st of July 2009 marks 10 years service to many a youth of this country.

A student visiting ISES can expect to receive valuable professional advice on many topics related to choosing a suitable career, study option and post study work opportunities in a number of different countries. Advice given is not confined to the wealthy. Any person seriously thinking about making career choices will benefit from a visit to ISES.

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