Low tuition fees and generous scholarships is one reason to choose Japan.

Japan is home to a rich cultural heritage that is driven by values of trust, harmony, courtesy and respect. The Japanese believe in excelling in whatever service is provided, especially education. Educators are committed to conferring students with a wealth of knowledge, and the ability to apply that knowledge in the workplace.

In comparison to other countries such as the US and Australia, Japan’s higher education degrees are much more affordable.

Study at Tokyo International University

Staying true to its philosophy to create ‘international-minded people’ in education Tokyo International University is always looking for avenues to create an environment that aims to be on par with international education standards.

One such program is TIU’s E-Track program which focuses on allowing international students to enroll in an undergraduate degree with majors in Business Economics and International Relations in English. They also have an active student support center that will guide students with internship and job opportunities in Japan.

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