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Why Choose Malaysia for your Higher Education

Present day students have many choices of pathways to continue their higher education. The question for many is ”what is the best choice to suit my circumstances”. The circumstances of two students are different and when making a career choice there needs to be rationality behind such decisions. That rationality should not be, a friend or relative did a particular course and he / she is doing well and I should do the same. It does not work like that. It is import for a student to spend time with oneself and understand one’s requirements and capabilities. When the student understands his / her requirements, this will be a great help in making the correct career choice.

We at International Scholar Educational Services have many years of experience in helping students to make correct career choices. Choosing Malaysia as the study destination has many advantages to consider in making a rational career choice.

The main advantage is the ability to get a world class education at an affordable price. Malaysia is home to campuses of some of the world’s top ranked universities. The cost of studying at these top ranked universities with campuses in Malaysia is less than 50% of the cost studying at the main campus of a top ranked university. There is no compromise in the quality of delivery since these campuses are managed and run by the parent university’s administrators and senior academics. Students in a branch campus have the opportunity to transfer to the main campus if the transfer criteria are met. Students reading for degrees in disciplines such Medicine and Engineering have opportunity to register with the professional bodies of more developed countries without having to undertake further studies.

Students in the traditional education destinations in most cases have to work part time to supplement funding provided by their parents to make ends meet. This requirement is a hindrance to making the most of the student life. Since the costs are very affordable in Malaysia there is no requirement to undertake such activities and the student has the opportunity to fully focus on his / her educational activities. Another very important factor to consider is the student’s cohort. They are also are in similar circumstances and are fully focused on their education. This environment is very conducive to continue to being focused on the main objective avoid adverse peer pressure to divert focus into other unwanted activities.

Since there is no part time work, students have no incentive to remain in Malaysia and usually they return home for every vacation. As such the parent student bond continues to revive and strengthen all the way until the student completes his / her education and reaches a mature age and develops the ability to make more discerning personal decisions. At the same time provides with an opportunity of being able to be more independent and develop one’s own personality.

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