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Malaysian Center at International Scholar

International Scholar has pioneered promoting Malaysia among Sri Lankan students
as an alternative destination for higher education. Today it is a highly sought after
destination with many students from elite schools in Sri Lanka choosing to pursue
their higher education in Malaysia. To better serve those students wishing to study
in Malaysia, we at International Scholar have established “Malaysian Centre at
International Scholar”, a specialist center specifically for this purpose. Malaysian
Centre is operated in collaboration with our Malaysian partner Winning Magnitude
Sdn Bhd.

With having a Malaysian Partner, the Malaysian Centre is in a unique position to
assist students if in need of help during the course of their studies in Malaysia.

Malaysian Center represents the Monash University, The University of Nottingham,
Swinburne University, Curtin University, Sunway University ,Taylor’s University and
many more private universities and colleges in Malaysia.

Malaysia is an ideal alternative destination to pursue higher education with an
affordable course fee and with uncomplicated visa requirements. World’s top
universities from Australia & UK have opened their branch campuses in Malaysia.
The quality of the education provided in these campuses equal the quality in their
main campuses overseas. The university degree certificate would not even specify
the campus location where the student obtained education as the standards of
education maintained is universal. There is also a degree transfer facility system in
operation between the campuses of international universities that have established
themselves in Malaysia.

Malaysian Centre at International Scholar has been able to secure scholarships
for students who have got a proven track record of exceptional achievements in
education as well as in sports.

International Scholar Educational Services (ISES) provides free career guidance and
consultancy services for students wishing to pursue their higher education. Over the
last 12 years ISES has helped nearly 2000 students to find suitable career choices
and reputed overseas education destinations which enabled many young person to
brighten their futures.

To obtain more information contact Wathsala / Thilina on 011 5849401 /
2553466 or visit

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