Make the”Best Fit” Career Choice with International Scholar

These are testing times for many young people having completed their higher education trying to decide “What should I do next”. This is a major decision for a young person as this
decision will be the foundation to build his or her future career. Many young people ‘go with the flow’ and choose careers that are not suitable for them. There are others whose careers are chosen for them by their parents or they choose a career on hearsay.

There used to be a time when the choices were between Medicine, Engineering, Science, Arts and Commerce. A few chose law and a few others chose accounting. This is not the case anymore. It is not the lack of choices but a case of not knowing how to make the correct choice. It is important to make the correct career choice. Making the correct choice is like the need of a good structural foundation for a solid building.

When making career choices, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Once a suitable career is identified and chosen, building upon it becomes a lot easier. We at
International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd (ISES), have over thirteen years of experience in helping nearly two thousand youth to choose suitable courses for careers of their choice over the last 13 years. At ISES we provide a professional service in career guidance, covering the various stages of selecting and enrolling in a course that would harmonise with a child’s personality, abilities and lifestyle aspirations.

We represent nearly 100 highly reputed institutes in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and Canada. We also place students to study medicine in China and Russia.

We work very closely with the foreign missions and act as a streamlined agent of the Australian High Commission ( ) and New Zealand Education specialist ( ). We have a wealth of knowledge to share with and assist any prospective student, at absolutely no cost and free of any obligations.

ISES will guide you to study at the institute that suits you best in the country that offers the best opportunities for the qualifications gained. We will help you to become International Scholars. For further information contact International Scholar Educational Services ( ISES ) on 2553466 / 2593571 or visit us at No.3, Daisy Villa Avenue, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4. (Website :

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