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Learning to Market Yourself

In the very competitive global market having qualifications alone is not enough to achieve your career potential. To achieve your career potential one needs to master the Art of Marketing Oneself. We canargue whether Marketing is an Art or a Science. In my opinion there needs to be a great deal of creativity inmarketing oneself. One needs to learn to portray oneself to the target audience as an amazing persona forthe job. But even having the creativity, qualifications and technical knowledge is of little use if one is unableto communicate these abilities to target audience.
In a previous article the author talked about the skills that employers look in an employee. Communicationskill happens to be the number one skill that most employers look for in an employee. In day to day lifehaving the ability communicate is very essential. A person with good communication skills is bound to dowell in life irrespective of what their profession is. Good communicators make a great living using this softskill in a creative manner. People pay thousands of rupees to listen to a good communicator. In socialoccasions good communicators make lively speeches and are able to make the audience happy. There is nodoubt a good communicator will always have the ability pitch at the right length to a target audience.
When being interviewed for a job it is important to have the ability to express clearly as well as have theability to listen to what interviewer is saying. There can be deeper meaning to what is being said than whatis heard. The answer to the question needs to be pitched at what is meant more than what is heard. InLearning to Market Yourself the first lesson is learning to be a good communicator. Which is also one ofthe most sought after skills when it comes employment. Paying attention to being a good communicatorwill pay dividends many times over when aspiring to climb up the career ladder.
Having the creativity, qualifications, technical knowledge and being a good communicator is of little useunless there is target market to pitch to. The next lesson is to see how to create a target market. Thiswhere creativity comes in. Having the creativity and not using it is again of little use. The standard approachis to look for job vacancies that appear in various public media. If there is a demand for a particular field aperson with the right qualifications is likely to find employment. It may not be the ideal employment andglobal market place is getting very competitive. As much as preparing to earn the qualification and gain theknowledge it is important to get organized to find the ideal job once '
For this it is important tobuild up a wide network. Today with the advent of social media it is easier to do this than before. In thesocial media one has to be able to portray an interesting picture to the audience. The picture portrayedshould be one that is communicating the message that here is persona willing to go beyond the call of duty
In contrary to popular belief one needs to beat one’s own drum as loud as possible because nobody elsewill do it on behalf of another person. To do that there has to be a good drum. In other words one needs toable to give the message here is a person who is highly qualified and very knowledgeable as well as beinggood communicator, leader and a team player - is the message to be communicated. Then audience willtake note. It is important to start communicating this message as early as possible. If one learns to thinkoutside the box one can create a market for oneself. This is more important than collecting certificates
Remember, more than what you know who you know matters and what matters even more is whoknows you

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