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“What should I do when I complete my schooling?” is a question that would have crossed many a young
person’s mind at sometime in their life. There are only a few young people who are gifted enough to decide
for themselves while still at school what their future career is going to be. Many young people ‘go with the
flow’ and choose careers that are not suitable for them. There are others whose careers are chosen for them
by their parents or they choose a career on hearsay. There used to be a time when the choices were between
Medicine, Engineering, Science, Arts and Commerce. A few chose law and a few others chose accounting.
This is not the case anymore. It is not the lack of choices but a case of not knowing how to make the correct
choice. It is important to make the correct career choice. Making the correct choice is like the need of a good
structural foundation for a solid building. When making career choices, there are many factors to be taken into
consideration. Once a suitable career is identified and chosen, building upon it becomes a lot easier. Since much
of the future is dependent on making a correct career choice, it is important to give a lot of thought to how to go
about it. So the first hurdle is to identify your dream career.

The next hurdle is how to make your dream career a reality. For anyone to be successful in their chosen career,
one of the main ingredients is the appropriate knowledge base and correct educational background. Acquiring
the appropriate knowledge base and required educational background is not straight forward. There are many
knowledge and education providers claiming to offer solutions that will make your dream careers a reality. There
is a common belief that to get suitably qualified, one has to go to a university in the west. Only qualifications
from the west have universal acceptance is another wide spread belief. The basis for these beliefs is hearsay
or that it has been the case traditionally. And there are many other such beliefs. When making very crucial life
decisions, it is important to do a lot of research and seek proper advice from experts in the field. Advice from
experts is not cheap.

At International Scholar we provide an absolutely free and comprehensive service on guiding you to choose your
dream career. With over 10 years of experience in helping and advising over a thousand students to find their
“best fit” in career choice, and helping as many young people to find suitable institutes and study destinations,
we believe we have a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share with any prospective student, at
absolutely no cost and free of any obligations. The knowledge we are sharing with you is not limited to helping
with career choice.

All the directors at International Scholar have gained a great deal of experience studying, travelling and living
overseas. They are professionals who have worked in different professions as well as being involved helping
young people to find their way in unknown surroundings. Once you have studied and given many years of hard
work towards achieving the required qualifications, every person wants to settle down where he/she can reap
the best “harvest”. Who would be more qualified to advise you than people with firsthand experience of being
students themselves and who successfully settled in a new environment and established successful careers. At
International Scholar we have a group of dedicated professionals who have done just that and they are ever
willing to share their life experiences with you. They are not there to tell you “fairy tales” and lure a young person
into going somewhere that would not be in their best interest. Explaining the reality and telling the truth is our

We will guide you to study at the institute that suits you best in the country that offers the best opportunities for
the qualifications gained. We will help you to become international scholars.

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