Importance of the Washington Accord* for prospective Engineering Graduates

Sunday Observer Engineering is a very popular field of study among students wishing pursue higher education. There are many institutes offering engineering degrees from various countries and wanting to attract international students. Some of these courses are offered here in Sri Lanka as well. There is a large disparity in the cost of studying in different countries. Costs vary greatly in terms of fees charged as well as living expenses. There is a popular belief that if the degree is from a institution that is of great demand in a highly developed country that there is greater recognition for a such degree. This is to great extent is a misconception. With over 13 years of experience in placing students in overseas education institutes of very high repute we at International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd , are well placed to advice students on important factors to be considered when choosing a study destination and an education institute. For an example, having decided to pursue engineering as the chosen profession for the future as a career a student has to select where he/she wants to qualify from. When this decision is being made one of the significant factors to take note of is the international recognition for the degree. Is it necessary to spend as much as fifteen million rupees or more when a degree that has equal recognition can be obtained for one fifth the cost or less. This is where a knowledge of the Washington Accord can of help. In 1989 an international agreement for cross recognition of engineering qualifications was signed between Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA. The accord recognizes “Accreditation of engineering academic programs is a key foundation for the practice of engineering at the professional level in each of the countries or territories covered by the Accord.” In other words this agreement resulted in recognizing qualifications accredited by the engineering body of signatory country by the engineering bodies of all the other signatory countries. Over the years more countries have been added to the signatory list and currently in addition to the original signatories the following countries have added as signatories - Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey. Sri Lanka is still only a provisional signatory. At International Scholar we have the experience and the knowledge to direct students to choose their best fit in terms of field of study, study destination and the suitable institute. For free and comprehensive guidance and further information please call International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd on 011 255 3466 / 5849401 or email us on [email protected]

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