ISES celebrates 10 years of service

  • International Scholar Educational Services celebrates 10 years of service

To help students from all walks of life decide on suitable career directions is the business of International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd. (ISES). The 1st of July 2009 marks 10 years service to many a youth of this country.

A student visiting ISES can expect to receive valuable professional advice on many topics related to choosing a suitable career, study option and post study work opportunities in a number of different countries. Advice given is not confined to the wealthy. Any person seriously thinking about making career choices will benefit from a visit to ISES.

The CEO of ISES Mr. Keerthi Jayasuriya is an Engineer by profession with many years of experience of studying, working and living in the UK, Sri Lanka and Australia. The Chief Counsellor Mrs. Ruckmalie Jaysuriya, is also a customer service professional with over 18 years of experience in working for the Commonwealth Government of Australia. At ISES the team of counsellors are long serving members with training and experience in counselling and helping young people from all walks of life.

The dedication to serving students is demonstrated by the fact that the members of the ISES team making visits to distant places of the country to conduct workshops and seminars on career choices. ISES is the first to open branches outside of Colombo, where the first branch was opened in Kandy in 2006.

When having to make career decisions it is important that these decisions are informed decisions. These decisions make the foundation to build young person's career on a career built on a firm foundation stand to grow from strength to strength. A career built on a firm foundation can weather the economic tremors of globalisation. At ISES the counsellors will be giving sound and sincere advice to students. Counsellors will spend time with students to decide what is best for the student and advice accordingly.

For example a person who cannot stand to see blood should not do medicine. At same time the students need to see whether the course of study chosen would lead to any gainful employment. It is not ISES policy to persuade every student who walks through the front door to go overseas. At ISES it is not a practice to pressure students to make ill informed decisions. Students are encouraged to take their time when making decisions.

The company policy is to give correct advice and information irrespective of ensuing financial gain or loss. In many instances the information students have are incorrect. Students acting on incorrect information stand to lose much financially as well as in terms of future opportunities. Over the years counsellors at ISES have helped many a student to correct their actions acting on wrong advice. Over the years company has strived to cater to a cross section as wide as possible of the population. With this view the company has tried to open up other suitable destinations for Sri Lankan students. As a result of these efforts the company has been successful in promoting Malaysia as a credible and more affordable destination for Sri Lankan students seeking higher education opportunities. These destinations are very attractive as alternatives for a wider cross section of students.

Students are advised to contact ISES to get further information on career choices.
Contact details of ISES are 011 2593571/2553466.

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