International Scholar Write-ups

All international students (full-time and foreign exchange students) are required to have a valid

Having facilitated the transfer of over 12,000 students to American universities since 1992, INTI

Present day students have many choices of pathways to continue their higher education.

Courses offered by RMIT are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of business and the bro

Sunday Observer Engineering is a very popular field of study among students wishing pursue higher

The Sunday Times on January 30, 2011

International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd (ISES) , was privileged to be invited to par

Malaysia Education Exhibition 2012, Sri Lanka’s biggest and the only exhibition totally focused o

Sun Yat Sen University is within the top 5 Chinese universities and China has over 1000 universit

These are testing times for many young people having completed their higher education trying to d

International Scholar has pioneered promoting Malaysia among Sri Lankan students

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