Student's Testimonials

Mr. U.K.D Udayanga Subhashana Ariyawansha
ICHM - Australia : 2018
It’s better if you all open up a another branch (in one of big cities like Negambo, Gampaha & Kandy) By real sense of meaning I Scholar provides an excellent service to its clients. As far as I feel staff who are dealing with students inquiries are performing really well, especially Ms. Nayomi gave me an outstanding service. Wish you all the very best in future.
Ms. Yasuri Tara Fernando
Victoria University - Australia : 2018
Friendly and informative. Would pass this company to anyone who is interested in studying overseas.
Mr. Nirusha Rashan Rajapaksha
CSU - Australia : 2018
I am very happy about your service and specially thank for Mrs. Shayama and other staff.
Ms. Safna Ravindi Padmaperuma
RMIT - Australia : 2018
Staff are very friendly & helpful throughout the whole process.
Ms. Paboda Wickramanayaka
BoxHIll + Deakin University - Australia : 2018
Exceptionally very good us & would recommended the any other friends to meet education requests.
Ms. Suwini Shamal Rodrigo
Victoria University - Australia : 2018
Excellent customer service. Company staff is really friendly and flexible to deal with quality service delivery.
Mr. Ignatius Kanchana Chithrabhanu Nanayakkara
Swinburne University - Australia : 2018
Great professional work. Makes you feel like family. Wish you all the very best.
Mr. Isuru Akalanka Senaratne
Swinburne University - Australia : 2018
Extremely helpful and friendly service from day one. I really valued the transparency that was carried out by the staff through my visa application.
Mr. Deshan Wickramasinghe
RMIT - Australia : 2018
The service was very helpful and the people were very nice. I did not have any issues and the transactions were very smooth and pleasant.
Ms. Tirani Kodippili
University of South Australia - Australia : 2018
International scholar staff were very helpful and made if entire to get my visa.
Ms. Dinithi Kavindya
SEGi University - Malaysia : 2018
Very helpful and very likely for anyone to study abroad with your help. All the best, thank you, Ms. Wathsala. Friendly service and very approachable.
Ms. Ruwanthika Vidyathilake
PSB Academy - Singapore : 2018
Thank you for the guidance for supporting me to achieve my future goals. I would like to thank Mr. Anuruddha for helping and supporting me to achieve my goals successfully. The staff is really knowledgeable & very supportive.
Ms. Thewuni Omalka Palliyaguru
Deakin University - Australia : 2018
Helpful service from everyone
Mr. Basiru Kothalawala
CSU - Australia : 2018
Friendly & reliable staff. Gave some good advices regarding the course and the country.
Mr. Chandula Pasan Hemachandra
Swinburne University - Australia : 2018
Friendly environment & excellent service towards students looking to migrate for higher education.
Very informative & punctual.
Mrs. Udari Kasunthara Ranaweera
Swinburne University - Australia : 2017
We got a great service from scholar. I would like to recommend this company to others as well. I would like to give my thanks to Mr. Jayasuriya & Mrs. Jayasuriya as well as Mrs. Wathsala for the grate and friendly service. I wish all the very best for this company.
Mrs. H.K S. Hansini Athapaththu
CSU - Australia : 2017
Excellent work keep up good work. Excellent services.
Mr. Ravindu Naveen Jayasena
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
I really loved the service here! The staff are very friendly and easy to reach. Very friendly staff. Each student is given personal attention.
Mr. T. Shavinda De Alwis
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Very cooperative and great Service.
Mr. W. Senura Yudhara Dabarera
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
The service was very professional and accurate and no complaints necessary. Service rendered was professional, friendly and of greater accuracy and efficient. All communications were clear and friendly and reduced the work load for us as their customers and relieved us from a very heavy work load by contributing in the visa process.

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