Student's Testimonials

Mrs. Udari Kasunthara Ranaweera
Swinburne University - Australia : 2017
We got a great service from scholar. I would like to recommend this company to others as well. I would like to give my thanks to Mr. Jayasuriya & Mrs. Jayasuriya as well as Mrs. Wathsala for the grate and friendly service. I wish all the very best for this company.
Mrs. H.K S. Hansini Athapaththu
CSU - Australia : 2017
Excellent work keep up good work. Excellent services.
Mr. Ravindu Naveen Jayasena
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
I really loved the service here! The staff are very friendly and easy to reach. Very friendly staff. Each student is given personal attention.
Mr. T. Shavinda De Alwis
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Very cooperative and great Service.
Mr. W. Senura Yudhara Dabarera
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
The service was very professional and accurate and no complaints necessary. Service rendered was professional, friendly and of greater accuracy and efficient. All communications were clear and friendly and reduced the work load for us as their customers and relieved us from a very heavy work load by contributing in the visa process.
Mr. Kisal Indula Yahampath
Deakin University - Australia : 2017
Friendly staff. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Ms. T.H. Bimali Sayani Rangila
Deakin College - Australia : 2017
Very friendly and convenient.
Mr. Lahiru Wathsala Upasena
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
It was good to see an experienced staff in higher education consultation. I ‘am so impressed about your service.
Mr. Abdul Basith
Swinburne University - Australia : 2017
Really good service provided.
Ms. H. Gayanitha Dassanayake
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Write few sentences about our service. I am very pleased of the service provided. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They guided me throughout the whole process as well as after enrolling to the university and obtaining the visa. I would definitely recommend this institution to anyone.
Ms. Vinuri Perera
RMIT - Australia : 2017
Excellent and quality service.
Mr. W. A. Samitha – -2017
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Thanking all of you in IS office from providing best service for us to make us more comfortable and more enjoy of making all the plan works. Thanks.
Mr. Praveen Nipuna Gamlath
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
I’m really happy with your service. Thank you very much
Mr. T. Vishwajith Rathnayaka
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Very friendly and helpful.
Mr. Anton Shehanka Fernando
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Staff were very courteous and helpful in the application process, overall a wonderful company and highly recommended.
Mr. Anuruddha Weragoda
Baxter Institute - Australia : 2017
Well, I think you don’t have any weak areas. You got very good staff and they know what they are doing. Well, your people provide much better service and also they are very kind and always there for us. I wish this company all the best so they can to do the best for student.
Mr. Thayalan Praveen
Monash University - Malaysia : 2017
It was a great experience working with IS to obtain my visa and complete all the necessary process regarding the university. I was informed after every step and carefully instructed on how to complete all the necessary things. Overall it was GREAT!
Mr. Dananjaya Manorathna
CSU - Australia : 2017
I would like to say staff is very best. More than I expected. They share their knowledge with students for finding best path. I think this place is good for every students who are finding best educational services.
Mr. Joel Shevin Peiris
Curtin University - Australia : 2017
Simply – “An Excellent Job” Rishan was very helpful and patiently provided us help with documentation. Mrs. Jayasuriya gave valuable insight and particularly Mr. Jayasuriya was very kind in building confidence in us through the application procedure.
Mr. Vidath Madhushanka
CSU - Australia : 2017
Service was great. The guidance throughout the process was really helpful. The counsellors are very professional, knowledgeable and kind.

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