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Established in 1999, International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd (ISES) is a career guidance and overseas education consultancy service provider. Over a period spanning two decades, ISES has provided highly professional and very ethical consultancy services to over 2000 students, helping them fulfil their career aspirations.


Choose the best educational consultant!
Well experienced counsellors will advise students on which course to select based on their interest and skills.  Free of charge, our counsellors will:

  • Guide students on suitable career options
  • Provide information on the most recent career opportunities available locally and internationally
  • Assist with selecting a suitable course and a university in a country preferred by the student
  • Assist in applying for Scholarships, transfer programmes  and exemptions
  • Assist in preparing visa applications and financial documentation
  • Assist in arranging  accommodation, airport pick up and other services
  • Work closely with international education institutes to provide a more favorable service to students


Scholarships for International Students

Universities offer up to 25% scholarship on course fees for high achievers.

We will update students on the latest scholarship opportunities and will help students apply for scholarships


Prepare for the career of your dreams!

Guidance on selecting the most suitable career path according to the ability and interest of the student and advice on how to succeed in their selected career.

To shine in your dream career! We can help you?

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Student's Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your support.

Very helpful. The service is great.

Very good service. Congrats for the success

You are doing this process very friendly and we are very happy with your serv

Information on representatives visiting the ISES office should be edited quic

International Scholar is the best company for educational services. Mr.

Very good services and friendly staff.

Provide good service and always motivate us to do our things.  

Very well organized and has a friendly atmosphere.

Was convenient and easy to apply the visa through ISES and best customer serv


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